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If you are looking for Community Service hours, want to give back to your community, or have any time to waste... Please click the link below to get involved with your community and make a tangible difference in your neighbors' lives!

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The Emmy's:

Explore the captivating moments captured in the video excerpts from a recurring spectacle at Starfish Cafe – The Emmy's Open Mic Poetry Night. Immerse yourself in an inviting atmosphere where individuals freely express their thoughts while savoring delectable cuisine. It's not just an event; it's a celebration of self-expression intertwined with the joy of relishing mouthwatering delicacies.


Our Features

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Chef Zac on WLOX for Vegan Month

Indulge your senses in this mouthwatering video featuring the culinary prowess of Chef Zac as he graces the WLOX kitchen, crafting delectable dishes for Vegan Month. Watch as he transforms plant-based ingredients into scrumptious delights, showcasing the artistry and innovation that define his approach to vegan cuisine. Join Chef Zac on a gastronomic journey that proves vegan food can be not only nutritious but irresistibly delicious. Get ready to savor the flavors and experience a culinary adventure that transcends traditional expectations.

Hurricane Ida Relief

Embodied resilience in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Starfish Cafe emerges as a beacon of hope and support for the community. This article delves into the inspiring narrative of how the cafe stepped up to aid the recovery efforts, transforming itself into a hub of assistance and compassion. Through heartwarming stories and firsthand accounts, discover the unwavering commitment of Starfish Cafe in helping rebuild, nourish, and uplift the spirits of a community in need. Explore the symbiotic relationship between a local eatery and the community it serves, showcasing the indomitable spirit that arises when people come together to weather the storm.

We Re-opened!

Celebrate the triumphant return of Starfish Cafe with our exclusive coverage on WLOX! Immerse yourself in the unfolding narrative of renewal and rejuvenation as this beloved culinary haven reopens its doors. Our article takes you on a journey through the vibrant atmosphere, delectable offerings, and the heartwarming community spirit that defines the Starfish Cafe experience. From the first sip to the last bite, discover the essence of this renaissance as we bring you the behind-the-scenes insights and the excitement that surrounds the grand reopening on WLOX. Welcome back to the warmth of Starfish Cafe, where each dish tells a tale of resilience and revival.

Strong in our mission

Embark on a journey through the narrative of Starfish Cafe, an unwavering beacon of resilience and commitment to its mission. In this article, witness the indomitable spirit that has propelled Starfish Cafe to weather challenges while staying true to its core purpose. Discover the tales of perseverance, innovation, and community engagement that underscore the cafe's enduring dedication to making a positive impact. Join us as we delve into the heartwarming stories and inspiring endeavors that exemplify Starfish Cafe's unwavering strength in upholding its mission against all odds.

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