In a pool of sand and silt, a starfish had thrust its arms up stiffly and was holding its body away from the stifling mud.  “It’s still alive,” I ventured.  “Yes,” he said.  And with a quick, yet gentle movement, he picked up the star and spun it over my head and far out into the sea. “It may live…”

Our name is inspired by Loren Easley’s 1978 short story, “The Star Thrower,” in which he explores humankind’s capacity for compassionate interest in the welfare of others. Just as the man in his story returns the beached starfish to the sea, Starfish Café’s mission is to toss those fighting starfish that are washed up and experiencing hardships back into the sea of life as productive, successful, and ambitious members of the community.

A Star Thrower is a sponsor of our students during their training at Starfish Café to help provide uniforms, books, and other supplies. It costs our program $3,200 to train each student for 20 weeks at no cost to them. Find out how you can become a Star Thrower at Starfish Café!