Student Experience

The Student Experience

In this 20-week experiential learning program, students between the ages of 18 and 30 receive free hands-on training in restaurant, job, and life skills. During the course of their time with us, the students cook, serve, cashier, and help to maintain the café and its grounds. Program days are further filled with life coaching, anger management courses, financial literacy, writing workshops, and other enriching lessons offered by the program and generous community members. The cafe is the platform for the students to practice these skills. Our  graduates are trained to  be equipped, experienced, and ambitious individuals who show initiative and dedication in all of life’s challenges.

Expenses and Rewards

There are absolutely no fees for the students; all uniforms, books, drug testing, and training are provided as part of the program. They accrue $100 each week, from tips and donations, as part of the “earn to work” incentive model. The accumulated earnings from the course of the program provide a disbursement award of $200 upon completion of the 20 weeks to assist in obtaining a job and purchasing uniforms and supplies. The students then receive $900 after 6 months and again at 12 months with a positive review from their employers. The work incentive money can also be applied toward further education.