Spreading ‘Seeds of Faith’

12544661_10154644471013438_2013280066_oHow many times have you ate out at a restaurant,  received a hefty bill and felt unsatisfied with the value and service?
Countless times, right?
At the Starfish Café,  we understand your frustration. We’ve been there, too.
That’s why we’re introducing a new menu. It’s what we call “Pay What You Want,” part of our Seeds of Faith program.

This gives patrons an opportunity to pay for the value of their  meal and service.
And if our customers would like to give extra, we promise to be their hands and feet of change in this world.
If  individuals  are unable to give, we ask that they give an hour of volunteer time at our cafe.
And there is another way to give. People can donate towards our capital campaign. We are committed to raising  $160,000 in the next 24 months to purchase the Starfish Café property.
We hope you will join us in this effort — planting ‘Seeds of Change.’