Lending a hand

Early in the AM on Friday, Aug. 26,  a group of 19 volunteers from Hancock County gathered at the Starfish Cafe to begin the journey of LOVE to Denham Springs, LA.  The local community donated over 200 bags of Hope, 30 Buckets of Cleaning LOVE, 60 cases of water, clothing, paper towels, cleaning supplies, 868 spaghetti meals distributed through home deliveries, and street service at Plainview Baptist Church.

We were able to begin the demo process in the education center by removing the paneling and the moldy wet insulation, sorted tables of clothes for easier distribution, and closed the day out by going house to house hugging, loving, and praying with homeowners.

We are planning at least two more trips; stay tuned for details!!

Thank you for ALL your support with time, talents and treasures!!  #loveloud #makingadifference1x1 #freshandlocal #starfishcafebsl

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