It’s bee-autiful!

IMG_20160228_093704308In May of 2015 Joshua Reeves of J&J’s Bees and Trees sponsored a bee hive on the roof of Starfish Cafe in support of our “fresh is best” efforts.  On Sunday February 28, he was able to take 10,000 bees and start a new hive!!  Our girls have given birth!!
bee bath 1

Click here for a video.

We have a bee bath on our property, lots of herbs and flowers and the most wonderful neighbors (within 5 miles) who plant lots of flowers and veggies for our girls to make honey.
In October Joshua harvested 24 bottles of honey; some were sold and the balance we use for cooking in the restaurant.  Joshua cares for the hive and makes sure we remain “the healthiest hive” he has ever had in 20 years!
Our secret?  Sing to the girls, tell them how beautiful they are and what a wonderful job they are doing, plant lots of veggies, fruits, and herbs, have a bath for them to play in, and pray over them everyday!  Good guidelines for people as well as bees :).
You can do your part by reducing the use of pesticides, making sure the plants you are planting are not treated with agents that are not bee friendly, and consider hosting a hive at your home.  It is a great opportunity to increase the bee population and the honey is Wonder-FULL!
Bee Happy!