Honoring the earth

At Starfish Café we are developing an environmental conscious.  

imageThe Creator took care when the earth was created and turned over and gave  humans dominion over His masterpiece.  Needless to say thousands of years later it’s time for some cleaning up!
On our opening day we gave the option of fresh unpaper towels, since that day we strive to honor the gift of this beautiful earth.
Today we use biodegradable takeout containers, paper straws, shop at local grocery stores, grow what we can, use Gulf Shrimp, and try to use non- GMO products as often as possible!
Lots of talk these days about what difference it makes if your food is genetically modified.  Here is one example: In December the FDA decided that “Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon” that is GMO (genetically modified).   This means that salmon, which grow in the manner they are created by God, take at least one year to come into maturity, GMO salmon are mature and ready for harvest in four months.
Research in the future will tell us more about the impact of changing the genetics of plants and animals, but for now  fresh and natural are best!!
The expense of honoring the earth is worth keeping our moral and spiritual compass on point!